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Again BIS !!!! 

Life does not stop after the World Championships. I stood over the No.1 position  in the autumn, 

"French Shepherd 'Club exhibition !!!!!!!!



I'm   2014. "WORLD WINNER - BOB"  !!!!!!    :))))

Again, I was the TOP DOG in Hungary!!! 


 I was FATHER again!!!!  :)))  


       I wish all our visitors Peaceful, 

              Happy New Year!!!!!



Welcome Guest!!


Warmly welcome to my website! I wish you a pleasant stay and hope you will find all the questions you raised in response. About everything (every day, exhibitions, jobs, my kids) on the left side of the screen under "Menu". If you still have questions or wish to contact us, we look forward your letter!

I wish you a lot of fun!    Cognac    ;-) 


Kedves Látogató!!!!!


Szeretettel üdvözöllek a honlapomon!  Kellemes időtöltést kívánok, és remélem, minden felmerülő kérdésedre választ találsz.   

Rólam mindent megtalálsz (mindennapjaim, kiállítások, munka, enyém kölykök) a képernyő bal oldalán található "menüpontok" alatt.  

Hogyha még lenne kérdésed, vagy kapcsolatba szeretnél lépni velünk, várjuk leveled! 


További jó szórakozást kívánok!  Cognac    ;-) 




I got COTATION-4 in France, the NATIONAL D'ELEVAGE 2014!!!

2014.09.14 22:22
  Another fantastic result !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Starting today, I can officially wear the:   Cotation 4, Recommande title !!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were out on the Nationale d'Elevage 2014, where I completed all the requirements !!!!!!!!   We returned home with...

I am the WORLD WINNER - BOB 2014 !!!!!!!!

2014.08.10 22:30
  WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! I can not believe !!!!!!!!!  2014. 08. 10. Helsinki (Finland), French spec. judge Jean-Paul Kerihuel, I received the:  "World Winner and BOB" title !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think there is no greater recognition more !!!!!!!! I am grateful to everyone who...

I am newer champion title (PL) owner !!!!!!

2014.06.14 12:04
    I met the Polish Champion Conditions !!!!!!!  :))))  

My babies were born, in Poland!!!!!! :)))

2014.04.21 21:57
Spring is here, and my babies were born, in Poland !!!!!  I wish you all the baby needs a happy, healthy life !!!!!!!!  More information here: https://cms.cognacvd.webnode.hu/utodok/aurelia-and-cognac-2014 /  and here:...

Again, I was the TOP DOG in Hungary!!

2014.03.05 22:28
This year, once again had been distributed on the basis of last year's results,  the TOP-DOG title !!!  The Club-Dinner is a beautiful restaurant, it was with a lot of dear club members. What we have achieved fantastic results, far surpassing the other dogs in the results!  We are...

"FE-HO-VA Show" 2014.

2014.02.14 22:01
Total victory the four-day Budapest Extra-Marathon "FE-HO-VA Show"!!!                The happy winner is ...      . . .

I was FATHER again!!!

2014.01.14 21:32
  We are happy to inform everyone that our love, puppies were born: 2014th January 14 th!  ♥ 12 small baby saw the light of day! ♥  I am very proud of the 6 girls and 6 boys. The Mom is a very insisting, gentle, perfectly line work performance Briard! She is the traditional (rustic)...


2013.11.22 19:19
  We spent a fantastic weekend in Zagreb again!!!!! We took part in a three-day exhibition. It was a little long, but was worth it! The first day there was a club show. He became "BEST  OF  BRED",  CLUB-WINNER  and then all of a shepherd and herding dogs   we...


2013.11.05 23:37
  The "OMÉK 2xCAC" Show, twice failed the GROUP-1 podium to stand on! One place was Res.BOG, the second place was the BOG3 position. With these results, I've earned the "OMÉK Winner" title!!    :)))))))))))))   Az "OMÉK 2xCAC" Kiállításon, kétszer is sikerült a GROUP-1...

Selected in Slovakian!!!!!

2013.10.02 21:24
                                             2013.szeptember 28-án, a Slovák Klub-kiállítást követően megrendezett Tenyészszemlén, maximum pontszámmal, 0 hibaponttal teljesítettem a...
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